Jun 152012

Well we have been busy!  We started the season a little early this year with a trip to Pacific Grove California and our first out of state fair  – The Good Old Days event.  It’s great to have siblings in beautiful cities and we seem to be making a habit of visiting and showing in these towns.  Works pretty well for us!

Then we went to Tokeland (yes, if you are not from Washington State that really is the name of the town) out on the coast and participated in an Artists tour out there.

Took a Pottery class in Hawaii at the Donkey Mill Art Center with Ellen Shankin.  Great instructor, great location and a lot of fun.

Delivered Garden Art to Joy Creek Nursery in Scappoose Oregon (Near Portland).

And we just participated in our favorite fair of the year – Sorticulture, in Everett Washington.  Garden Art specific – this event is held every June in Legion Park, and put on by the City of Everett – a really well run event!

And now we will focus on the local farmers market in Olympia where we are guest vendors – meaning we can participate on Thursdays or Fridays.  So we hope to make it to the market at least once a week if there is space.

Hope everyone out there is having a busy, joy filled Spring and early Summer!

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