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Kennedy Creek Pottery

12320 Summit Lake Rd NW
Summit Lake, WA 98502

How to Purchase Our Work

If you are interested in our work, we invite you to visit our studio. We also have several regularly scheduled events in Western Washington and Oregon, and are willing to deliver. So, if there is something in particular you are looking at/for, let us know and we will make sure it gets packed up for the trip.

For those of you who have seen our work at the studio or at an event, feel free to inquire as to the “ship-ability” of the piece.

Shipping Info

As a general rule, we do not intend to ship our work. There are two main reasons. The cost of shipping is prohibitive and the amount of packaging material that is required to safely ship ceramic work make this option very time consuming and wasteful. That said, there are some smaller pieces that are more shipping friendly – you are always welcome to ask . . .

Visit the Studio

If you are planning on visiting area and would like to come to our studio – please call or e-mail to make sure that we are home. We are 15 minutes from Interstate 5, and just off the main highway that leads to the Washington coast . This makes us a convenient stop when traveling in this area.

Kennedy Creek Pottery Studio

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We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.